Introducing the Xtreme RC Brawler - The highest performing 1/5th scale RC tank on the market.


At extreme RC we’ve created something unique. The worlds first large scale high speed RC tank! Designed for toughness and durability from the ground up by a team of engineers that have backgrounds ranging from oil and gas to rocket engine design, but have one thing in common, they all love RC.


Powered by 2 hobbywing 2200kv motors and 12 lipo cells the brawler has a better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari 458, with much better off road capabilities too! At XRC we grew tired of driveshafts and arms snapping on ‘durable’ models from the mainstream manufacturers, so we’ve used computer aided design (CAD) to ensure all the parts have large safety factor even under the most extreme loading conditions, meaning the user has to spend as little as possible on spares. Developed by U.K. startup Xtreme RC, the Brawler is the company’s first vehicle, described as the first of its kind in the RC industry. Dubbed the highest-performing 1/5th scale RC tank on the market, it is fast, extremely rugged, and able to handle anything you throw at it. Measuring 82 x 44 x 28.7 cm (31.8 x 17.3 x 11.2 in), the XRC Brawler is really hefty, weighing 21 kg (44 lb).


It's design makes it one tough vehicle, featuring custom-designed, anti-throw tracks. There are two channels in which the wheel sits for better stability and a heavy-duty track tensioner that ensures the tension remains even when the shocks are compressed. With a strong, 6 mm (0.2”) aluminum alloy chassis, an impact-resistant front bumper, and nose, the Brawler is as tough as a, well…tank, being able to destroy everything in its path, as boasted by its manufacturer. The nose cone comes with integrated metal bash plates and reinforcement beams. Xtreme RC is really proud of the high power and torque of the RC tank, making a bold claim that it has a better power-to-weight ratio and off-road capabilities than a Ferrari 458. The vehicle packs two Hobbywing 2,200 kV motors and 12 LiPo cells. Speed-wise, this little beast can go as fast as 56 kph (approximately 35 mph). It comes with 70mm of suspension travel (has six springs and six dampers) and the cab has two integrated light bars.


XRC is now promoting the second version protype (V2) of the Brawler, which looks quite similar to the first one, but it brings some improvements to the table. It comes with stronger trailing arms and shock towers, upgraded electronics in the motor, an extended chassis, and some changes in the track design. The Brawler is FPV (first-person view)-ready, meaning it is ready to accept an FPV camera and transmitter, should the customer opt for this extra option.


The estimated delivery date on Kickstarter is May 2022.


Additionally, the few parts of the Brawler that are made of plastic; are made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is made from renewable materials such as cornstarch or sugarcane. Its still incredibly strong for what we need but its degradable and compostable. And no, it won't start breaking down if you leave your Brawler outside for a bit, it requires the right conditions but it is 100% degradable.


Building the unstoppable - XRC Brawler.

The Brawler V2

  • - XRC Brawler

    - 2.4ghz Radio System (installed)

    - 2x 150A ESC's (installed)

    - 2x 3000W Sensored Brushless Motors (installed)

    - Product Manual